The Power to CHANGE Your Life


Marcy Perlmutter has been teaching in the Adult Education Program at Ulster BOCES since 1997.She has taught a variety of health and wellness classes through the years from Anger Management to Fitness Walking just to name a few.


Perhaps her most popular program has been a series of classes entitled Freedom From Clutter. These courses have proven to be especially popular and even life-changing for some of her students. The classes include an hour of personal coaching for each student, and this proves to be an added benefit.

Marcy’s class preparation is meticulous, as is her attention to every detail of the class. Her students find her warm and responsive.


Marcy Perlmutter is a competent professional and an asset to the Ulster BOCES Adult Career Education Center instruction staff.


Virginia Carrig, Adult Education Operations Manager, Ulster BOCES   6/1/12

Another great session! It's such a blessing to share the events of my life with you and put them in a healing perspective. Thanks for all your wisdom, good suggestions and the Rumi poem "the stronger pull of what you love"..


You nourish me with all your insights and practical knowledge as well. I definitely declare the end of the first round on the books! In less than three months, I got rid of 290 books. Thanks for helping me accomplish such an impressive goal. Thanks!!

KF , Coaching Client and Group Program Participant

Taking your courses has been a life-changing experience for me. I can't thank you enough for all the effort you put into your courses, not only as an Instructor, but also on a personal level. The coaching was a very important aspect of it all because you recognized a person's need at that time. In my case, it was how to deal with being a caregiver to my husband. You helped me tremendously and I will be forever grateful. I have also cleaned up quite a bit of clutter and that feels absolutely wonderful. Again, thank you so much. My overall well being has improved beyond imagination.

DG, Group Program Participant

Marcy is able to shift, bend and flow with the subject matter presented by her students. She is right there fully for each individual student, and as she responds to each person, she continues to encompass the whole room.  She has very highly trained professional skills and I saw them in action. Her style of leading and teaching is what makes her classes so powerful.


Marcy creates a safe atmosphere for students to bear their souls. No matter what truths people share, Marcy encourages them to know they are OK. No matter what level of clutter people possess, Marcy is able to make each person in class see that they all have the same issue. No one is singled out for having a better or worse situation. Marcy is awesome, amazing and extremely intuitive. The classes are uplifting, heart-warming and magical.

JS, Group Program Participant

Marcy  Perlmutter

Health & Wellness Coach