The Power to CHANGE Your Life

Freedom From Clutter Life Coaching


With life coaching, you will discover your own personal power to free your life from clutter. “You have always had the power, you just had to learn it for yourself.”



What is life coaching and why is it beneficial?


Life coaching is a confidential and inspirational avenue to address your individual challenges with clutter and to develop better insights into your unique clutter patterns. As a result, you can make the greatest progress when you find answers that are uniquely yours.


Life coaching can address all aspects of your life, your work and your relationships. As you address the clutter in your world, you will need to safely release the stress, tears and fears that can be a part of this process through life coaching.



How is life coaching different from Freedom From Clutter courses?


Life coaching gives you an added dimension of individual support that can allow you to progress at a more defined pace in achieving your goal to free your life from clutter. You will be able to explore creative solutions to your clutter challenges that are tailored to your specific needs.


Freedom From Clutter courses provide an educational group exploration of proven success strategies to free your life of the physical clutter in your world. You receive a course manual, team-oriented group support from classmates and individual coaching by phone.



How can you schedule Freedom From Clutter life coaching?


You can choose to schedule life coaching with 1) phone consultations or 2) meetings in person. Contact Marcy Perlmutter by calling her directly at 855-UR-FREE-NOW or use the contact form.


I accomplished more in a half hour coaching session with Marcy than I could have accomplished in one month of clinical counseling.

JS, Group Program Participant 

Marcy  Perlmutter

Health & Wellness Coach