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Marcy Perlmutter, CSL, is a speaker, educator and life coach who specializes in behavioral health & wellness programs. She designs and delivers educational courses and coaching programs for organizations and individuals. The principles in this education & coaching program are based on extensive research and Marcy’s powerful journey to success.


Marcy’s Freedom From Clutter program was featured in Living & Being Magazine which is published by the Poughkeepsie Journal. Marcy Perlmutter provides additional courses and coaching programs that inspire health and wellness.



Excerpts from the article:


Freedom from Clutter Class and Coaching: To say this experience was invaluable is an understatement. All of us in class made and shared so many discoveries about our habits and why we create clutter in the first place. My husband and I both made significant strides in de-cluttering and organizing. I found that to be able to control some aspect of my life, while dealing with issues beyond my control, like my mother’s illness, was

psychologically liberating. I also found a sense of peace, calm and pleasure

when opening up an organized pantry, shed, cupboard, or entering my office with its now easy-to-find files.


For those who need it, Perlmutter can send someone as “extra hands” to work through the process one-on-one, but I found the phone coaching worked. She honored my style of doing things, and empowered me to make my own decisions and create systems that worked for me. Sometimes I just needed her permission to get rid of stuff, like that ugly gift from someone who might come by some day expecting to see it.


And the male point of view? Chester says, “I went to the de-clutter class reluctantly, expecting to hate it: I grew up with little brothers and sisters constantly getting into my stuff, so my stuff is sacred. But by the end of that first class Perlmutter had won me over. Her informative and psychologically astute binder gave me a simple way to get rid of things —What if I need that L-shaped scrap of metal one day?— and not get bogged down over some long-lost letter. And when I put the process into play with Perlmutter coaching me on speaker phone—that is, keeping the fire lit under my butt— I made amazing progress. CDs and vinyl I haven’t listened to in ages are bagged and await a trip to Goodwill instead of cluttering up the shelves.”


By exploring the psychological as well as physical reality of clutter, Perlmutter helped us to recognize our tendencies and set us up for a lifelong ability to live clutter free.


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