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Imagine a beautiful river that is flowing freely with energy, force and clarity. Yet, as it flows, it gets stuck in a clutter of logs and leaves. It stops flowing and gets stagnant. It loses its direction. It has no energy, no force and no clarity. Your life is like that river. The clutter in your world often prevents your life from flowing freely, openly and energetically.

Does the clutter in your world prevent you

from flowing freely in life?

Are you ready to let go of your clutter

and set yourself free?

All you need is the desire and willingness to change your life for the better. Clutter results in stagnant and stuck energy that prevents you from living fully as your most realized and joyous self. It can block the flow of creative energy and dim your vision and purpose.


Clutter does not only occur in your home or office. You may also experience clutter in your mind and emotions, which can impact the resonance of your relationships and your ability to feel clear, balanced and confident in life. Spiritual clutter, living without hope, vision or purpose, impacts your creativity and the peace you truly deserve.

As you open up and shine a light of awareness on previously blocked or stuck areas of your life, you will realize that what you once perceived as challenging can be a truly joyful and liberating process. You are likely to experience an amazing transformation within yourself as you address the areas of your life that are impacted by clutter. You may experience more physical energy, mental clarity, emotional balance and spiritual peace.

The key is to take the first step. Envision a clutter-free, balanced and joyful life. Be inspired to focus on creating wellness in your life. Lighten up the process of clearing your clutter. Be open and honest as you move beyond the challenges you have been facing. Journal your feelings.


Are you ready now to live the clutter-free life you have so far only dreamed of? You can choose to begin the Freedom From Clutter program by participating in 1) motivational courses and 2) inspirational life coaching. Call now to inquire at 855-UR-FREE-NOW or send an email. You will be one step closer to living a life that is truly free of clutter.


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free your life from clutter?

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By exploring the psychological as well as physical reality of clutter, Perlmutter helped us to recognize our tendencies

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L.F., Group Program Participant, Living & Being Magazine


Marcy  Perlmutter

Health & Wellness Coach


Marcy  Perlmutter

Health & Wellness Coach